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Dental professional in Brookline, MA area offers Zirkolith and Straumann brand zirconia implants

Zirconia Dental Implants at Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline MA Area

A missing tooth does more than impact appearance. Missing teeth can cause shifting of existing teeth and inefficiencies in chewing, biting, and speaking. At Alpha Plus Dental Center, Dr. Stan Kovtun and his associates may suggest tooth replacement options that are biocompatible with the body and long-lasting. This includes Zirkolith zirconia implants available at our facility.

What are zirconia implants?

Dental implants are a popular choice for patients in the Brookline, MA area who are considering tooth replacement options. This type of implant is different then the traditional titanium and is made of zirconia, an oxide of Zirconium and is now considered a ceramic material. This looks like a small ceramic “screw” that is strategically placed into the bone and acts as a tooth root replacement. The abutment of the implant, which is visible over the gum line is customized and used to hold a crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implants are used in many ways and can replace one to all the teeth in the dental arch.

Who is a good candidate for Zirkolith zirconia implant?

The best candidates for implants are patients who have enough bone structure to successfully support the dental implant over time. During a consultation visit and initial evaluation, Dr. Stan Kovtun will evaluate the patient and take a Cone Beam  x-ray. This type of x-ray allows the dentist to determine candidacy in 3 dimensions and not just 2-dimensions like a traditional xray. In some instances, patients who are not considered good candidates for dental implants can ask about bone grafting to prepare the area for dental implants in the future. Alternative tooth replacement options include partial dentures and dental bridges.

What sets Zirconia implants apart from titanium?

Zirkolith zirconia implants:

  • Have been scientifically tested for soft tissue affinity
  • Are superior in aesthetics to traditional titanium implants due to being white in color
  • Provide the best biology for bone integration and
  • Are a ceramic material and ideal for those with any metal allergies

Learn more about Zirconia implants

Brookline, MA patients who are considering zirconia implants are encouraged to request a consultation with Dr. Stan Kovtun and his associates to determine if they are a proper candidate. The office is located at 185 Harvard Street and can be reached at (617) 274-8494 & (617) 277-6360.  

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Dr. Stan Kovtun DMD

A graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (with honors), Dr. Stan Kovtun is among the select few mercury-safe and biological dentists in Brookline, MA. With expertise in general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as periodontal disease procedures, Dr. Kovtun is committed to patient education and comprehensive treatment plans. So, patients keep their teeth for life.

Patients benefit from Dr. Kovtun's focus on long-term relationships, continuing education, and investments in lasers, digital imaging, ozone, and other technologies.


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Monica K.
I drive over an hour from Cape Cod for all my dental work because Dr. Kovtun is one of the few Biological dentists around. Not only is he a master at dentistry but he offers a healthier holistic approach to oral health that is so important to me. Often times, conventional dentists overlook at the importance or how oral health effects the entire body. He and his staff are super nice and I'm glad I found them!! Read More
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Dr. Kovtun is great. I chipped my 7-year molar, and he was able to fit me in the very next morning! He safely, quickly, and painlessly removed my old amalgam filling and prepped my tooth with a temporary fix while I wait for a beautiful new permanent one. He is knowledgeable, informative, and accomodating. The staff is super-competent and friendly. I will definitely be scheduling other dental procedures here. Excellent, excellent, excellent!! Read More
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