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Mercury Free Dentistry

We are happy to provide you and your family with healthy, mercury-free dentistry
Our dental team treats patients with the goal of reaching health goals through personalized care. When providing care, we do so with the knowledge that dental disease as well as dental work will affect the body. Dr. Kovtun is proud to offer mercury-free dental services.
Mercury-free dentistry involves the exclusion of mercury in the dental office. You have probably never been told that your teeth are being repaired with mercury. Where mercury is a part of dentistry is in amalgam filling material.
Dental amalgam was formulated more than a hundred and fifty years ago. This material, which contains various metals, was intended as an affordable alternative to gold filling material. Containing nickel, tin, and other metals together is mercury. In the century and a half since amalgam was developed, several other options for fillings have become available. Amalgam, however, has remained one of the most frequently used restorative materials.
Mercury Free Dentistry Brookline - mercury-free dentistry
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Amalgam alternatives are healthy and attractive

The use of mercury amalgam fillings no longer makes sense with the alternative options that exist. Dr. Kovtun uses beautiful, healthy materials that do not pose a risk to the body and that completely hide the fact that cavities ever existed. Tooth-colored composite resin fillings, porcelain onlays, and gold onlays are very durable.

Safe amalgam removal

We are happy to share details of our process with you during your visit.
We give your smile the very best. Call (617) 274-8494 to learn more about mercury-free dentistry.

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I get my teeth cleaned here every 6 months; surprisingly it's done by a dentist and not a hygienist. I have also gotten fillings done here on a couple of teeth. I had a sensitive tooth and got a fluoride treatment once. All top notch work! Friendly & chatty dentists and front office staff.

Most importantly, I got my wisdom teeth extractions done here. No swelling, almost no pain - quick & easy. And a tooth was impacted!

I have good insurance so my out of pocket is very low, hence I cannot comment on the cost. I highly recommend this office. It's in a nice clean safe neighborhood. Stop by at Trader Joes on your way home.
Raj S