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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Brookline  - Dental implants Restore function and beauty with dental implants from your Brookline dentist
Tooth loss can be a devastating thing to experience. This is true whether a tooth is lost in a very visible location or at the back of the mouth. We need our teeth for chewing, speaking, and a healthy sense of confidence. If you have been affected by tooth loss, there are several reasons to consider dental implants from your dentist near Boston.
Dr. Kovtun has been practicing dentistry for more than 27 years. In this time, he has continued to learn the skills that will most benefit his patients. Recognizing the immense benefit that can come from dental implants, he has completed extensive training in curriculums focused on implant dentistry.

Why dental implants?

For more than a century, the standard of care for tooth replacement has been to restore the look of teeth with restorations that sit on top of the gums. Bridges and dentures are still used today and may be ideal in some cases. What implants have provided to our patients is greater stability, which in turn leads to greater comfort and, ultimately, the highest degree of confidence.
Implants are tiny posts that are carefully inserted into the jawbone to take the place of a missing root. This step goes far beyond what can be accomplished with tooth replacement alone. In the months following the insertion of a ceramic dental implant, bone naturally fuses around the post. This achieves integration that mimics natural roots. As such, chewing, speaking, laughing, and other tasks can be performed without apprehension.

Why zirconium

Traditionally, patients have been treated with titanium dental implants. Though this remains an option, many people today are looking for completely metal-free restorations. Patients of Dr. Kovtun may discover that zirconium implants are their best option. Zirconium contains no metal and is therefore far less likely to cause allergic response from surrounding tissues. Non-metal implants are ideal for those with known metal allergies as well as for patients who have existing metal crowns or other restorations. In addition to being biocompatible, zirconium implants are more aesthetically pleasing, have a 98 percent survival rate, and may integrate more quickly with bone tissue due to the porosity of the material.
If you live in the Brighton, Allston, or Boston area and want to explore your options for tooth replacement, call our Brookline dental practice at (617) 274-8494.

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Dr. Stan Kovtun

Dr. Stan Kovtun
A graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (with honors), Dr. Stan Kovtun is among the select few mercury-safe and biological dentists in Brookline, MA. With expertise in general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as periodontal disease procedures, Dr. Kovtun is committed to patient education and comprehensive treatment plans. So, patients keep their teeth for life.

Patients benefit from Dr. Kovtun's focus on long-term relationships, continuing education, and investments in lasers, digital imaging, ozone, and other technologies.