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Bite testing is an important component to the achievement of optimal results in many types of care. Historically, however, obtaining an accurate measurement of bite pressure has been somewhat difficult. The use of indicator paste, wax, or articulation paper leaves a certain amount of guesswork to the process due to their inability to detect the sensitive simultaneous contact that may occur. Additionally, these methods cannot detect both pressure and timing in terms of bite.
Dr. Stan Kovtun is proud to incorporate TekScan software into patient care. This software takes the guesswork out of bite measurements and gives us a graphic display of both pressure and timing of bite. With the accurate data gathered, Dr. Kovtun is able to have greater control during adjustment procedures.
Your smile deserves the best. We maximize the effects of personal dental care with innovative technologies such as TekScan.
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I had a wonderful experience here! First of all the staff was friendly, professional and organized. Also, Dr. Kovtun was thoughtful, nuanced and intelligent in his approach and recommendations. I did not feel rushed, and he provided me with options and referrals. I initially came in to consult with a specialist on Dr. Kovtun's team. While I still might use that specialist, Dr. Kovtun presented me with some less invasive alternatives to try first. I would highly recommend this practice based on my first visit. I also like that they offer less toxic options such as mercury filling removal.

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