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Patients find treatments for sports injuries and dental accidents in Brookline, MA

Dr. Stan Kovtun and Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline, MA for treatments for sports injuries and dental accidents

Accidents happen. They are part of life. Knowing what to do when dental accidents occur can be the difference between losing a tooth or saving it. Trauma to the mouth can occur anytime, even during the most regular activities. If you experience dental trauma, contact your dentist immediately. For patients in Brookline, MA, Dr. Stan Kovtun and the team at Alpha Plus Dental Center offer treatments for common dental accidents or sports injuries.

Trauma to the face is a common injury in contact sports. Dentists often see injuries that include facial bones, gum damage, and broken or lost teeth from sports injuries. Contact sports involves activities in which the player comes into direct contact with a ball or another player. These sports may include football, basketball, baseball, rugby, lacrosse, hockey, martial arts, wrestling, skateboarding, and more. If you are involved in any activity that may result in an injury to the mouth, a sports guard should be worn for protection. For these activities, many sports, leagues, or schools require the use of a mouth guard.

Players who do not use proper face and mouth protection are at great risk for seriously injuring their facial structures. Injuring the face can affect other areas including traumatic injury to the brain. A mouth guard and/or a helmet are recommended during contact sports to protect the structures of the face.

Common sports injuries

 Losing a tooth is an exciting rite of passage for a young child. However, losing or damaging a tooth during a sporting event is not planned or a cause for celebration. Sports injuries to the mouth are common and may fall into the following categories:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Fractured roots
  • Tooth intrusion

A cracked or fractured tooth can be minor or severe. It occurs when an athlete sustains a blow to the face and is more likely when the player fails to wear a mouthguard. A tooth injury can cause various long-term problems. When the tooth is cracked, it involves a split from the crown of the tooth and extends downward. Symptoms experienced with a cracked tooth may include:

  • Pain when biting down
  • Tooth pain that comes and goes
  • Pain while consuming hot or cold foods or drinks
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A cracked tooth involves the crown of the tooth; however, injuries can occur to the root. If an individual sustains a blow at the wrong angle, the root can be fractured. This is when a crack begins in the root and travels toward the chewing surface. Root fractures are often invisible and only detected when an infection develops. The severity of the injury depends on the location of the fracture. The sooner a patient receives treatment, the less likely they are to experience tooth loss.

Although sports injuries often involve broken or lost teeth, it is also possible for a tooth to be pushed back into the jawbone instead. This is called intrusion. Although it is less common in permanent teeth, it can occur in primary teeth because a child’s bones are not as hardened as an adult’s. Complications of tooth intrusion may include:

  • Destruction of the tooth pulp
  • Shortening of the roots
  • Fusing of the root to the alveolar bone


Treatments for dental accidents

Image of a Treatments for dental accidents

Just as every patient is unique, every sports injury is different as well. When a sports injury or other dental emergency occurs, contact your dentist’s office immediately. A sports-related injury can cause severe damage. However, the earlier a problem is addressed, the better the outcome. When a dental accident happens, the dentist assesses the oral cavity and teeth to determine the exact problem and the best course of action. Broken, fractured, or lost teeth may require treatments such as root canals or dental restorations depending on the exact problem. Regardless of the problem or treatment needed, the goal is to ease your pain and maintain the health of your mouth. Dr. Kovtun and the dental team will work with you to find a suitable solution.

A sports injury does not have to cause long-term damage. If you have experienced a dental accident or a sudden dental trauma, contact our office immediately for treatment. Contact Dr. Stan Kovtun and the team at Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline, MA. Call (617) 274-8494


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