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Brookline, MA, patients ask “Is a professional bleach treatment the best solution for cosmetic teeth whitening?”

Sparkle when you smile, Alpha Plus Dental Center

Teeth that sparkle when you smile are an important asset for many people in Brookline, MA. A can feel like your most important asset. It shows your personality when you meet new people, it welcomes guests and visitors, and it comforts and warms your family. It’s no wonder that professional cosmetic teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental procedures in recent years.

Patients have found that there are many ways to whiten their smile, including over-the-counter dental strips, at home professional bleaching kits, or in office Zoom treatment. Because there are so many choices, patients often don’t know which one is best. Dr. Stan Kovtun of Alpha Plus Dental Center helps his patients understand the choices and make the decision that best fits their needs and budget.

Over-the-counter whitening strips and toothpaste

A quick walk down the drugstore aisle shows that there is no shortage of products that claim to dramatically enhance your smile. But, in many cases, these claims are too good to be true. While these products are cost-effective, they can be messy, hard to use, ineffective, and some can even damage the enamel of the teeth. Most dentists recommend limiting your use of over the counter products to a whitening toothpaste from a brand you trust, and only using it a couple of times per week.

At home dental whitening

Great smile, Alpha Plus Dental Center. A common criticism of drugstore teeth whitening products is that they don’t provide a custom fit for each patient. This prevents the whitening gel or paste from contacting the right spots on the teeth, which delivers disappointing results. Instead, patients can work with their dentist to receive a custom-made tray that can be filled with professional-grade whitening gel at home. The tray can be used for a brief time each day. Over one to two weeks, patients will notice a gradual, but dramatic, difference in the brightness of their smiles.

In office Zoom Whitening

For patients who want to improve their smiles fast, Dr. Kovtun offers the Zoom whitening treatment. During this procedure, the whitening gel is carefully applied to the teeth and then activated with a special light. The treatment typically takes an hour and delivers impressive results.

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Keeping your smile white

Brush and floss, Alpha Plus Dental Center.Regardless of which option you choose, your results will not last, unless you change the habits that caused the darkening or discoloration in the first place. Dr. Kovtun provides the following tips to keep your smile bright:

  • Avoid dark foods and beverages. When you eat and drink, the items you consume leave very small particles on your teeth. If the item is dark, the food particles are also dark. Over time this can lead to staining and darkening of the teeth. Coffee is a common culprit. However other items that can also lead to staining include red wine, iced tea, dark cola, beets, berries, and red pasta sauce. If you can’t avoid these items completely, brush your teeth after eating or drinking them. If that’s not possible, rinse your mouth with water to eliminate some of the stain-causing particles.
  • Brush and floss. Good daily oral hygiene habits are crucial to keeping your smile beautiful and healthy. When you brush your teeth, you remove the particles that could stain your teeth and lead to tooth decay. While many people understand that this is an important habit, it can often be rushed or skipped in exchange for a few more minutes of sleep. Rather than brushing quickly to cross it off the list, take the time to thoroughly brush and floss each tooth. Dentists recommend using a whitening toothpaste only once or twice a week, more frequent use can damage the enamel on your teeth.
  • Stop smoking. You know that smoking is bad for your health, but it’s also bad for your teeth. The tar and nicotine in cigarettes can stain your teeth and lead to bad breath. If you can’t kick the habit to improve your health, stop smoking to improve your smile.

For more information about professional teeth whitening, call Dr. Kovtun’s office today at (617) 277-6360.


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