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How amalgam filling removal is done safely to eliminate toxic mercury exposure is explained by Brookline dentist

How amalgam filling removal is done safely

Mercury-free dentistry is a commitment that some dentists have made to patient health in response to studies that show excess mercury exposure may be harmful. To avoid exposing patients and staff to toxic mercury vapors, these dental practices no longer use any amalgam fillings. This concerning data led Dr. Kovtun of Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline to become a member of the International Academy or Oral Medicine and Toxicology. This association ensures that dentists have been provided with information to remove old and broken amalgam fillings safely so that they may be replaced with healthier and more aesthetically pleasing alternatives.

Although many dentists may say they offer amalgam removal, not all have implemented appropriate measures to ensure the highest level of safety for their patients and staff. Physical care, implementation of barriers, and ventilation measures should be included. Things such as the removing the filling in large pieces rather than grinding it out, and advanced suction during removal can keep many dangerous pieces contained to prevent harm. Protecting exposed skin and delivering healthy air with a ventilation device is imperative too. Staff involved with the removal should be wearing rubber gloves and have breathable air that is not contaminated by mercury vapors. Surgical type masks typically worn by dental professionals are not adequate for protection from the harmful vapors. Advanced air filtration is implemented.

As these measures clearly indicate, mercury requires that it be handled with great care. This is another reason that, though still deemed safe by some dentists and the ADA, Dr. Kovtun has chosen to avoid mercury exposure for his patients, his staff, and himself. As an added benefit, patients are generally more pleased with the appearance of composite resin fillings, which closely match tooth color. This means that the gray amalgam is no longer visible to stand out when one smiles or speaks; all that one sees is a bright white, healthy-looking smile. As far as being an appropriate material, the composite resin fillings have been found to adhere better to natural tooth surfaces and do not contract and expand like the amalgam. This is better for tooth health because it is more stable, resulting in less chance of breaking and cracking of the filling, as well as the tooth.

Clients with amalgam fillings are encouraged to call for a consultation appointment with Alpha Plus Dental Center on amalgam filling removal. We would like the opportunity to help you achieve optimal oral health with our comprehensive menu of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services that we proudly offer. Our goal is to enhance the overall health of our clients by treating them with exceptional dental care.

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