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Understanding ozone therapy treatments from Brookline, MA area dentist

Dr. Stan Kovtun provides ozone therapy treatments for selected patient At Alpha Plus Dental Center

At Alpha Plus Dental Center, patients in the area of Brookline, MA are welcome to ask our dentist about the benefits of ozone therapy treatments, which can be integrated into everyday procedures. Dr. Stan Kovtun can help patients in understanding the many benefits of integrating ozone into treatments and how it can completely change the way patients look at  dental care.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone is a specialized type of oxygen known as O3. It is formed when oxygen splits and is then met with an electric charge. This makes ozone a powerful oxidant that can be used by dentists to address a variety of pathogens in the oral cavity that can contribute to the development of periodontal disease and more!

Over the years, many professionals in the medical community have been utilizing ozone for the treatment of wounds and found it to not only be natural but free from side effects and completely safe. Patients will not experience problems after ozone therapy, and they will not experience any allergic reactions.

Understanding the use of ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is administered to patients for a variety of purposes. It can help in:

  • Healing wounds and lesions
  • Reducing bacteria causing periodontal disease
  • Improving results from root canal therapy
  • Improving the health of the natural soft tissues in the mouth
  • Facilitating faster healing from dental procedures
  • Disinfecting many areas of the mouth when used as a mouth rinse

Who is a candidate for ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy can be used on patients of all ages who are interested in achieving better oral health and wellness. Dr. Stan Kovtun and his staff are dedicated to educating patients in the advantages of utilizing ozone therapy alongside many popular treatments, from the simplest dental cleanings to complete full mouth rehabilitation. We welcome patients who visit Alpha Plus Dental Center to ask about this treatment and find out if they can benefit from integrating it into their next appointment.

How is ozone administered?

At Alpha Plus Dental Center, we utilize special mouthpieces that are hooked up to our ozone machine by a hose. The mouthpieces are worn by patients and allows the ozone to be directly applied to the dental arch. These mouthpieces are custom-made for each individual and stored in our office, so patients can have their ozone treatments administered every time they visit if they desire. We do not reuse the mouthpieces for any other patients as they are customized for each individual to utilize. We provide proper disinfection before and after each use.

When can I request ozone therapy?

Patients in the Brookline, MA area who are interested in obtaining ozone therapy for their smile are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Stan Kovtun and his team at Alpha Plus Dental Center to find out more about ozone therapy and how it works. We can use ozone therapy in different ways, including during simple visits to our office. Patients with conditions such as periodontal disease may want to visit the office on a more regular basis than just every six months to have ozone treatments performed routinely to combat the infection that can occur. When patients visit our office, they can ask about this treatment and have it included for an additional cost. Many patients find that any procedures performed in conjunction with ozone therapy will heal faster and be less problematic. Many patients will be able to greatly reduce their risk of infection following surgical procedures when they utilize ozone therapy in conjunction with their service. We can educate patients on the advantages and help them decide when it is proper to request treatment.

Learn about ozone therapy today!

Treatments such as ozone therapy provide solutions for patients that they may otherwise not be able to achieve at other dental offices. Because our dentist focuses with precision on treatments, patients can rest easy, knowing that they are receiving the best possible care. Contact Alpha Plus Dental Center today to book an appointment with Dr. Stan Kovtun and his team. We welcome patients into our practice at 185 Harvard Street in Brookline, MA and encourage patients to make an appointment at (617) 274-8494.

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Dr. Stan Kovtun DMD

A graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (with honors), Dr. Stan Kovtun is among the select few mercury-safe and biological dentists in Brookline, MA. With expertise in general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as periodontal disease procedures, Dr. Kovtun is committed to patient education and comprehensive treatment plans. So, patients keep their teeth for life.

Patients benefit from Dr. Kovtun's focus on long-term relationships, continuing education, and investments in lasers, digital imaging, ozone, and other technologies.


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Monica K.
I drive over an hour from Cape Cod for all my dental work because Dr. Kovtun is one of the few Biological dentists around. Not only is he a master at dentistry but he offers a healthier holistic approach to oral health that is so important to me. Often times, conventional dentists overlook at the importance or how oral health effects the entire body. He and his staff are super nice and I'm glad I found them!! Read More
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