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Ozone dental therapy is used by Brookline dental practice to deliver effective outcomes

Ozone Dental Therapy Brookline

Dr. Kovtun at Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline chooses to explore and implement the most effective innovations in the field of dentistry for the health and wellbeing of his valued patients.

One such unique treatment being used in this dental practice is ozone dental therapy. Ozone is being introduced into various medical fields to benefit patients with its exceptional results. Ozone is produced by taking medical-grade oxygen and running it through a specialized piece of equipment to create ozone. The resulting O3 is a completely safe form of oxygen that can then be used in liquid or gas form in therapeutic settings. Ozone is a used for its ability to filter out undesirable elements.

Ozone has a negative charge. Most bad cells found in the body, such as bacteria, viruses, or cancer, have a positive charge. Ozone is then introduced into the procedure to be allowed to enter the bad cell membranes and effectively eliminate or destroy these harmful cells. This becomes useful in dentistry for a number of applications that lead to results that are more satisfactory for patients.

Periodontal disease may be battled with either the liquid or gas form of ozone. Gum tissues are treated with ozone to destroy invading bacteria. Ozone may be used to infiltrate every nook and cranny of a tooth to kill bacteria that can lead to cavities. This method has the potential to eliminate the need for a filling altogether; or perhaps destroy the problem bacteria and allow a filling to be done without the need for anesthesia. Ozone may be useful in reducing sensitivity in teeth because of its calcifying or hardening effect. It may also be used in performing root canals to ensure that harmful bacteria can be destroyed, resulting in a safer procedure, as well as one that is more comfortable for the patient.

To explore the role that ozone therapy can play in your dental health, we invite you to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Kovtun. Alpha Plus Dental Center is the dental practice where nature and technology work together to deliver superior patient outcomes.

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I get my teeth cleaned here every 6 months; surprisingly it's done by a dentist and not a hygienist. I have also gotten fillings done here on a couple of teeth. I had a sensitive tooth and got a fluoride treatment once. All top notch work! Friendly & chatty dentists and front office staff.

Most importantly, I got my wisdom teeth extractions done here. No swelling, almost no pain - quick & easy. And a tooth was impacted!

I have good insurance so my out of pocket is very low, hence I cannot comment on the cost. I highly recommend this office. It's in a nice clean safe neighborhood. Stop by at Trader Joes on your way home.
Raj S

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