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Professional vs over the counter teeth whitening in Brookline

Professional vs over the counter teeth whitening in Brookline

Teeth whitening, when done properly, is a fast and safe way to improve the appearance of your smile. However, some products sold for whitening may be dangerous, ineffective, or inconsistent in results. How can you be sure that you are receiving quality treatment? If you are purchasing a commercially available product, it’s virtually impossible. Common problems with retail teeth whiteners include: Safety – Because there is very little regulation on over the counter whiteners, purchasing them is a bit of a gamble. Some products contain alarming concentrations of chemical agents, or abrasives that can harm tooth enamel. Inconsistency – Bleaching … Continue reading

Ozone dental therapy is used by Brookline dental practice to deliver effective outcomes

Ozone Dental Therapy Brookline

Dr. Kovtun at Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline chooses to explore and implement the most effective innovations in the field of dentistry for the health and wellbeing of his valued patients. One such unique treatment being used in this dental practice is ozone dental therapy. Ozone is being introduced into various medical fields to benefit patients with its exceptional results. Ozone is produced by taking medical-grade oxygen and running it through a specialized piece of equipment to create ozone. The resulting O3 is a completely safe form of oxygen that can then be used in liquid or gas form … Continue reading

Brookline dentist discusses how lasers are used in dentistry to enhance patient comfort

Brookline dentist discusses how lasers are used in dentistry

Laser technology is a foundation of the Alpha Plus Dental Center. There are many good reasons Dr. Kovtun and his team place such a high priority on this approach to dental procedures. Lasers have been used in dentistry since the 1990s and are generally associated with: Better patient experience Less discomfort Decreased need for anesthesia Precise treatment Reduced healing times Minimal bleeding, swelling Preservation of healthy tooth structure How lasers work The laser instrument directs an intense, narrow beam of light to the treatment area. When energy in the form of light is applied to the area, tissues can be … Continue reading

Five reasons people in Brookline seek alternatives for amalgam fillings

Five reasons people in Brookline seek alternatives for amalgam fillings

There was a time when amalgam was the standard filling material in virtually every dental office. Few alternatives existed, and few people were concerned with the biocompatibility or appearance of so-called silver fillings. With advances in dentistry, and advances in scientific knowledge, that situation has changed dramatically. Today’s savvy dental patients seek mercury-free restorations, from Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline. Why? Here are the top five reasons: Silver fillings aren’t silver – The common name for amalgam is misleading. The formula is actually a metal alloy containing very little silver. It is about half mercury along with small amounts … Continue reading

How amalgam filling removal is done safely to eliminate toxic mercury exposure is explained by Brookline dentist

How amalgam filling removal is done safely

Mercury-free dentistry is a commitment that some dentists have made to patient health in response to studies that show excess mercury exposure may be harmful. To avoid exposing patients and staff to toxic mercury vapors, these dental practices no longer use any amalgam fillings. This concerning data led Dr. Kovtun of Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline to become a member of the International Academy or Oral Medicine and Toxicology. This association ensures that dentists have been provided with information to remove old and broken amalgam fillings safely so that they may be replaced with healthier and more aesthetically pleasing … Continue reading

Dentist in Brookline recommends prompt care for symptoms of gum infection

Dentist in Brookline recommends prompt care for symptoms of gum infection

Gums are often the overlooked contributor to pristine oral health. There are steps that can be taken for prevention, maintenance, and treatment leading to good gum health. When any irregularities are observed with a patient’s gums, if they are not cared for quickly and effectively, that person may find themselves with severe problems later. The sooner complications are recognized and treated; the easier it will be to get a person back to prime oral health, avoiding involved and costly procedures. Gingivitis is a precursor to periodontitis. In the early stages, there are ways to improve gum inflammation and avoid further … Continue reading

Are you searching for “Exceptional restorative dental care near me in Brookline”?

Exceptional restorative dental care near me in Brookline

When issues arise that require restorative dental care, most patients would prefer the least troublesome and most effective procedures. People living in and around Brookline may ask, “Where can I find the most innovative and healthy dental technologies near me?” These residents are encouraged to call Alpha Plus Dental Center. Not just a practice that performs procedures, but Dr. Kovtun and his qualified staff are committed to investigating and choosing their products and processes carefully to ensure overall patient health. Not just the ordinary, but the exceptional services offered by this practice include: Zirkolith zirconia, metal-free implants Safe amalgam removal … Continue reading

Innovative Brookline practice discusses the benefits of zirconium implants

Innovative Brookline practice discusses the benefits of zirconium implants

Search for “dental implants” and you get more than 10 million results. Many of these results explore the advantages of a dental implant-supported tooth versus traditional tooth replacement options like dentures. These sources refer to the implant as a titanium post designed to serve as a new tooth root. You may think implants are only made from titanium. This lightweight yet durable material has many applications in the medical world. Medical-grade titanium is non-toxic and has the ability to fuse to the bone. As it relates to dentistry, the implant will naturally fuse with the underlying bone in a process … Continue reading

Teeth straightening with invisible braces in Brookline

What are invisible braces?

Misalignment of the teeth can negatively impact the appearance of the smile. When patients are interested in straightening their teeth, they are encouraged to book an appointment at Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline. Teeth straightening can be achieved with the use of invisible braces instead of traditional metal brackets and wires used by an orthodontist. What are invisible braces? Alternatives to traditional orthodontia are called “invisible braces” when they blend in with the smile. There are two varieties available at Alpha Plus Dental Center – Six Month Smiles and Invisalign. Six Month Smiles Aligning a smile with Six Month … Continue reading

Patients in Brookline are supplied with data from Invisalign reviews to help in the decision-making process

data from Invisalign reviews to help in the decision-making process

For mild to moderate teeth alignment issues, Invisalign invisible braces offer a “clear” alternative. Dr. Kovtun works with patients at Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline to straighten teeth to achieve a more appealing appearance and better oral health. Patients may wonder if Invisalign really is able to achieve all the wonderful things that are claimed. Dr. Kovtun is available for individual consultations regarding the Invisalign system. Allow us to cover some of the reviews of actual Invisalign patients. This may help in the decision-making process, as well. Patients should choose their provider carefully. Dr. Kovtun’s training and knowledge are … Continue reading

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Most importantly, I got my wisdom teeth extractions done here. No swelling, almost no pain - quick & easy. And a tooth was impacted!

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