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Patients ask, “What are ozone therapy benefits in Brookline, MA?”

Dental ozone therapy stimulates the immune system to safely and effectively destroy bacteria and infections.

When there is concern about infection, ozone therapy is a treatment option a dentist may consider. The goal of dentistry practices is to preserve the integrity of the natural teeth and oral cavity whenever possible. By paying careful attention to the natural structure of each tooth and following biocompatible principles, this is often possible. In Brookline, MA, Dr. Stan Kovtun and the team at Alpha Plus Dental Center utilize ozone therapy for conservative dental care. Ozone therapy has many uses that positively impact the mouth and body.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone is more than the protective barrier between us and the sun. While this is true, there are additional uses and properties of ozone. For years, ozone has been used by medical and dental professionals. It is produced naturally by our bodies’ immune systems to fight infections. This is a natural process. As part of dental therapies, ozone is safe in low doses and does not cause negative side effects.

Ozone is a gas comprised of three oxygen atoms. To create ozone, oxygen passes through a special generator. Ozone is negatively charged and is attracted to the positive charge of bad, infectious cells. Ozone is used as a powerful antimicrobial to effectively destroy bacteria.

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Ozone therapy benefits

Ozone is a powerful tool in a dentist’s arsenal. It is safe, effective, and versatile. Advantages of ozone therapy include the following:

  • Safe – Patient safety is an important consideration when choosing materials and procedures. In dentistry, ozone is used in low concentrations. Since it is already produced by the immune system, it is not a new or foreign substance.
  • Effective – As a powerful antimicrobial, ozone is more effective than other treatments at eliminating bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • No side effects – Ozone is natural, not a foreign or toxic substance. It is used in low doses to ensure there are no adverse side effects.
  • Faster healing – Ozone is produced by the body’s immune system. Used in dental therapies, it triggers the immune response to improve circulation, oxygenation, and the ability to fight infections. Ozone speeds the healing process.
  • Versatile – Ozone therapy has multiple uses including deep cleaning, periodontal therapy, and root canal therapy. It is used to kill bacteria and promote healing.

Ozone therapy stimulates the immune system to help the body heal. For years, medical and dental professionals have understood these healing abilities. Used in dental treatments, ozone stimulates circulation and jumpstarts the immune system to trigger the healing process. The immune system produces messengers that send out signals to one another. When ozone triggers the immune system, the messengers communicate with one another to improve and speed healing.

Uses of ozone in dentistry

Dr. Kovtun and his team are committed to protecting the health and wellness of their patients.

Dr. Kovtun and his team are committed to protecting the health and wellness of their patients. Using dental ozone adheres to this commitment. Ozone is safe, natural, and effective.

Dental ozone may be used as a gas or in water. In water, it is used as a rinse. As a gas, ozone can permeate areas of the mouth that cannot be reached by other methods. This makes it more effective than other treatments at destroying hard-to-reach bateria. Dental ozone may be used for the following reasons:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Sterilizing surgical sites
  • Disinfecting during root canal therapy
  • Treating mouth infections

Ozone therapy is an important tool for dentists to use in battling bacteria and infections of the mouth. By improving circulation and oxygenation, the natural immune response is increased. Bacteria is eliminated as the body heals. Traditional therapies may include medication which on its own may not fully eliminate the infection. Because ozone is able to permeate hard-to-reach areas, it is more effective at destroying bacteria and infections to sterilize the mouth. It is safe, fast, and effective.

Ozone can be used to treat gum disease and to disinfect during root canals. Since it treats infections, ozone stops the spread of bacteria to improve the health of the mouth. Ozone may be used as a gas or a rinse to cleanse pockets around the teeth to prevent further periodontal damage. For root canal therapy, ozone permeates interior areas of the tooth to sterilize the area and eliminate bacteria.

To learn more about ozone therapy, contact Dr. Stan Kovtun and the team at Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline, MA. Call (617) 277-6360.


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