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Why do dentists in Brookline, MA use ozone therapy?

Use Ozone Therapy, Alpha Plus Dental Center.

Alpha Plus Dental in Brookline, MA is a biological dental practice, which means that we take into consideration the health of the entire body when providing dental treatments. When patients require restorative treatment, we opt for the most conservative methods and the safest materials to ensure there are no negative impacts on the body. Ozone therapy is a biological treatment that we use to treat multiple conditions.

What is ozone therapy?

Most people have heard of ozone, but only in reference to the atmosphere of the earth. Many are surprised to find out that ozone has been used for decades in many ways, including water treatment and food preservation.

Ozone (03) is a tri-atomic form of oxygen that is highly reactive. Medical ozone is known for its oxidizing power, which makes it very effective in dental procedures.

Why do dentists use ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy is extremely versatile and can be used to treat many different dental conditions:

  • Periodontal treatment – cleaning out bacteria and infection from pockets.
  • Restorative treatment – simple decay and deep cavities.
  • Bone infections – caused by advanced gum disease.
  • Surgical healing – both before and after implant surgery.
  • Root canal therapy – used to disinfect the root canal prior to sealing and placing the crown.

Medical ozone is available in both gas and liquid form. No anesthesia is necessary for ozone therapy. Ozone is effective because it has a negative charge and neutralizing properties. When used during treatment, the ozone is attracted to things that have a positive charge such as viruses, bacteria, and even cancer. By targeting and eliminating these bad cells, it improves the health of the mouth and effectiveness of the treatment.

As with any procedure, the formula for when to use ozone therapy is not the same for each individual. During your initial appointment we can make recommendations about whether ozone therapy is right for you.

At Alpha Plus Dental Center, we strive to preserve tooth and gum health with the help of ozone therapy. For more information, call our Brookline, MA office today at (617) 277-6360. Our friendly staff is here to answer your questions.


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