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Your trusted dentist in Brookline MA explains why gum disease needs to be treated sooner, not later

Why Gum Disease Needs to be Treated in Brookline area

Gum disease is common. It doesn’t have to be that way. This condition affecting the gum tissue that supports your teeth can be prevented and is also easy to resolve in its earlier stages. Dr. Stan Kovtun and the team at Alpha Plus Dental Center explain why gum disease needs to be treated in Brookline MA now, rather than later. Gum disease is a progressive condition. So, the effects and consequences get worse if the disease is allowed to progress without effective treatment.   Preserve your smile Early-stage gum disease or gingivitis is associated with several symptoms that can cause … Continue reading

Latest research sheds light on how gum disease could lead to Alzheimer’s

How gum disease could lead to Alzheimer’s in Brookline, MA area

Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating brain disease and its prevalence is rapidly growing in the United States. Approximately 5.7 million Americans are diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease, which is a degenerative condition that causes progressively worsening dementia. Alzheimer’s disease not only dramatically affects the lives of the people living with the condition, but also their families and caregivers. Research has been underway for many years to determine the cause of Alzheimer’s and how to treat it, but the latest scientific findings implicate an extremely common condition in the development of Alzheimer’s: gum disease.   Evidence that Alzheimer’s may be caused … Continue reading

Brookline, MA area dentist describes the different types of gum disease treatment options for the smile

At Alpha Plus Dental Center, Dr. Stan Kovtun and his team provide Brookline

At Alpha Plus Dental Center, we are proud to provide patients with the solutions they need to achieve healthy smiles and to treat a number of conditions that can develop. Dr. Stan Kovtun and his team welcome patients who have been diagnosed with gum disease who are interested in learning about the types of treatment available in the Brookline, MA area. Our dentist is here to help in a judgement-free zone. What is gum disease? Learning about gum disease and how it forms is the best way of understanding preventative care. Gum disease is an infection that can spread without … Continue reading

Brookline, MA dentists explain preventing gum disease as part of gum disease treatments

Gum Disease Treatments Brookline MA

Gum disease is a common dental problem among adults. Nearly 50 percent of adults over 30 have some form of gum disease, and the number increases with age. Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss. In Brookline, MA, Dr. Stan Kovtun and the team at Alpha Plus Dental Center offer gum disease treatments to protect the health of your smile. Symptoms and stages of gum disease The gums are the pink supportive tissues at the base of our teeth. Signs of infected gums include redness, swelling, bleeding, or sensitivity. These are the first signs of periodontal disease or … Continue reading

Brookline dentist explains that treatment for gum disease depends on when it’s caught

gum treatment from brookline area dentist

Hearing the words “periodontal disease” can cause anxiety among the bravest of dental patients. Patients may wonder how they got it, if they didn’t brush her teeth enough, or if others can tell they have it. Dr. Stan Kovtun has been helping his Brookline, MA, patients fight gum disease for many years. Treatment for gum disease often depends on how early it is caught. Understanding gum disease Your mouth is made up of more than teeth and gums. There’s also other tissue as well as bacteria, plaque, and saliva. Brushing and flossing are necessary to keep the teeth and gums … Continue reading

Dentist in Brookline recommends prompt care for symptoms of gum infection

Dentist in Brookline recommends prompt care for symptoms of gum infection

Gums are often the overlooked contributor to pristine oral health. There are steps that can be taken for prevention, maintenance, and treatment leading to good gum health. When any irregularities are observed with a patient’s gums, if they are not cared for quickly and effectively, that person may find themselves with severe problems later. The sooner complications are recognized and treated; the easier it will be to get a person back to prime oral health, avoiding involved and costly procedures. Gingivitis is a precursor to periodontitis. In the early stages, there are ways to improve gum inflammation and avoid further … Continue reading

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