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Dentist in Brookline, MA offers zirconium dental implants

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The loss of natural teeth can be devastating for patients. However, the team at Alpha Plus Dental Center in Brookline, MA is here to help. Our dentist, Dr. Stan Kovtun, believes in providing appropriate materials and options for patients to ensure they look and feel their best. In many situations, he may recommend using zirconium dental implants to replace single teeth.


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a tooth root replacement. Many dental offices use dental implants that are made of titanium. However, titanium is not as biocompatible of a material as zirconium. Therefore, our team of professionals will recommend patients consider zirconium implants. Zirconium is a metal-free alternative that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction for patients who may otherwise have an unknown metal allergy. They are a ceramic that is more aesthetically pleasing. Because they are made of a more porous material, they are also faster to integrate with the bone than titanium. They have a high success rate, just as titanium restorations do, and can be a great permanent option for patients who may have otherwise considered partials or dental bridges.


Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants have many advantages that make them highly desirable for patients. They are:

  • An important investment in one’s smile
  • A long-term option for patients who do not want removable appliances
  • Natural-looking to avoid standing out as dental restorations
  • Strong and durable, known for lasting a lifetime
  • Allow patients to maintain the bone of the jaw
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How are dental implants placed?

It is essential for patients to fully understand how dental implants work and the process required to make sure they last a lifetime. First, patients need to work with Dr. Stan Kovtun of Alpha Plus Dental Center to determine if they are appropriate candidates for dental implants. This requires patients to have enough bone structure for the procedure to be successful. Patients who do not have enough bone can ask about the possibility of bone grafting, which would prepare the jaw for the procedure. If this is not an option for a patient, then other restorations may be considered such as a partial denture or a dental bridge. Those who are appropriate candidates can then move forward with dental implants. Done with proper sedation and anesthetic, the dentist will place the implant into the bone of the jaw. This is done and then given time to allow for osseointegration, which is when the bone grows and fuses around the implant to stabilize it in the mouth. This can take several weeks or months, but once complete, will ensure the implant is securely in place. Once this is complete, the dental implant can be restored over the top. In most cases, patients are using the dental implant to replace a single tooth, during which the dentist will place a dental crown over the abutment of the implant. However, dental implants are also used when patients need to anchor one or both sides of a bridge, or to stabilize a full denture. The implants are restored based on the patient’s needs.


What if dental implants aren’t right for me?

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Dr. Stan Kovtun of Alpha Plus Dental Center is proud to offer other options for patients to consider if they are not deemed appropriate candidates for dental implants or are seeking less expensive solutions. We welcome patients to come into our office for an evaluation and consultation appointment to ask questions about the ways in which they can repair their smiles.


Call Dr. Stan Kovtun today to learn more about zirconium dental implants

Our team of professionals are here to help you learn more about safe and appropriate materials for the smile, including zirconium dental implants for tooth replacement. If you live in or around the area of Brookline, MA, we welcome you to book an appointment with our practice to educate yourself further on the advantages of zirconium dental implants. We can be reached at (617) 277-6360 and our office is conveniently located at 185 Harvard Street. Call our front office team to schedule an appointment.


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